A Blog Post About Blogs

There are so many different types of social media around that instead of exploring every single one, people tend to stick with just one or two, and stay in the dark about what the others ones actually do. I, for one, use Facebook every day, but have never touched Twitter – I don’t see the point on being on every social media platform. Although I know how Twitter is used, many people stay in the dark about applications that they don’t use. Which is why today I am going to enlighten you about a kind of social media called blogging, and more specifically how blogs work and what they can be used for.

So What is a Blog?

This is. This webpage is one example of the millions of different blogs on the internet today. The term blog came from the words ‘web log’, and came around shortly after blogs were created in the late 90’s. A blog is your own personal diary, like the one you had as a kid that you wrote all your deepest, darkest secrets in and hid under your pillow. Oh, except it’s online where anyone in the world can read it! A blog is a forum where the creator can post just about anything –  photos, videos or links to other webpages or even just a written post. Anyone that sees the blog can then like, comment or reblog (the post gets copied to the other persons blog) the post, and then follow the blog so they can easily get to it in future. Bloggers post on a regular basis – daily, weekly, or monthly – it varies with different bloggers.

But What do People Blog About?

There are different kinds of blogs:

  • Personal blogs – these blogs are made by people who want to share their life. These kinds of blogs may tell you a story about something funny that happened at the coffee shop, or complain about work.
  • Informative blogs – these blogs are created to inform readers on a certain topic. they can be about nearly anything, from cats to a certain TV show.
  • Business blogs – blogs can also be used by businesses to give information to the stakeholders of the business.

Making Your Blog Your Own

Blogs are only about what the words on the screen say – the whole looks of the blog reflects who you are as a person or organisation. Each blog has a ‘theme’, which involves the layout and colours chosen for the blog. Your theme can be changed at any time without erasing any posts you have already uploaded. There are heaps of themes that others have created to decide between, and depending on your kind of blog you have you will choose one theme over another. For example, a personal blog may be covered in splashes of various colours, or photos of the writer; whereas a business blog is more likely to use a few bold colours for a very professional look, with either just a logo or a photo that helps promote the brand. You can also change the fonts that you use to make the blog seem more casual or formal.

PKM, PIM and Blogs

“Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) refers to a collection of processes that an individual carries out to gather, classify, store, search, retrieve and share information.”

This process involves sorting information to enable someone to make sense of information and work more effectively. Blogging can improve this as an effective blog is a great way to store and manage information – it can be constantly updated, diagrams/videos/links can be added easily and it can be seen by the whole world or just a few specific people.

Product Information Management (PIM) is a system used to organise the buying and selling of products in a business. All product data is collected and then distributed to all stakeholders involved. Blogging can improve the efficiency of this system as data and information can be posted onto a blog for all stakeholders to see, instead of needing to distribute the information separately.


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