All In My Lifetime. In the short 20 years I have lived, so much has changed with technology, the internet and how we all communicate with each other today. It’s crazy for me to think, that when I was born, if people wanted to communicate with loved ones that lived far away, they would have to send letters to each other, or figure out how to write an email (if they were lucky enough to have a computer, that is). But now! With one click on Facebook you can access someones whole life – pictures they took or are tagged in, statuses they have written or shared, and pages they have ‘liked’. The world has suddenly become a much smaller place. And Facebook isn’t the only one – the social media websites  Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have also become just part of our daily routine.

However, social media today has developed so far that it’s not just all about individuals and their friends. Many businesses have also jumped on the bandwagon, and nowadays it’s common for a company to have a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a blog and other social media accounts that help the business to advertise what they offer, easily connect with customers, and display updates, such as new products or ideas.

Over the next 12 weeks my blog will take you through a journey, exploring the history of social media, how social media has changed over time, and the effectiveness and implications of using social media in the workplace.